By Team Beachbody

"Celebrate Good Times, Wa Hoo!"

No I didn't just come from a wedding reception. I'm making a point: We need to celebrate our successes, rather than constantly berate ourselves for any imperfection. I read a post on the message boards recently where a woman was referring to the "voice" in her head that never gives her credit for success. And I could totally relate.

I've often lived in a way that was constantly self-critical, never giving myself a chance to reflect on any success as long as there was anything imperfect - physically, professionally, etc. Then I did Power 90® with Jon and Tony, saw incredible results, and actually let myself be proud of it. Funny thing was that "permission" to celebrate success led to even greater achievements in all aspects of my life, because my outlook turned positive instead of dwelling on the negative. Now instead of thinking, "this is a horribly busy week, I have completely failed myself because I only worked out twice." I instead think, "Hey - I got two workouts in during a VERY busy week - that's something I never used to be able to do!"

For me, that change has been very compelling and as long as I have maintained that kind of attitude, everything in life has been easier, more fun, and I've been a lot more pleasant to be around (so says my wife).

So if you're a perfectionist who at the 30, 60, or 90 day mark of your program is looking at a roll here, or a dimple there and you refuse to give yourself credit for the positive results inside and outside that you actually have achieved - you might want to lighten up. Let yourself be pleased with ANY progress, and make the process of new progress something to celebrate and enjoy!