By D. V. Donatelli

Beachbody's celebrity trainers have a wonderful wealth of knowledge about fitness, nutrition, and how to get us into the best shape of our lives, but what else are they into? What's behind that statuesque physicality? Seeking to get a better understanding of the human depths of these inspirational exercisers, we asked four of our top trainers this question: "If you could teach a college class that wasn't about fitness or nutrition, what would you want to teach?" See if you can match the trainer with the answer he or she provided.
  1. Brett Hoebel – Physics. That's right—the creator of RevAbs has great interest in one of humanity's oldest and most challenging intellectual pursuits. Hoebel explained, "[It is] one of my favorite classes, and now I know how to apply it to real-life things, like fitness, so that it's easier to understand!" Perhaps I could use a few lessons from Mr. Hoebel's class, because I had a huge crush on an astrophysicist once but she wouldn't give me the spacetime of day.
  2. Shaun T – Communications. I loved INSANITY® creator Shaun T's answer, so here it is in full: "If I were able to teach a college course, it would have to be a communications course—specifically TV broadcasting—only because I originally started my college career as a communications major, and it was, and still is, my dream to do what Anderson Cooper does!" Shaun's got charisma, and he can communicate—I know this for a fact because I've come to employ his "Tilt, Tuck & Tighten" technique in virtually everything I do, from skateboarding to paying taxes—so I wish Shaun all the luck in the world in his dream of hosting the first two seasons of the underrated reality TV show The Mole.
  3. Debbie Siebers – Art/Drawing. The Slim in 6® guru Debbie has stopped by Beachbody® Headquarters a number of times, and on each visit she's always exhibited a certain style about her. It's clear the woman knows aesthetics, and she herself is a work of art, so this answer is not surprising. What I found surprising, however, was that she, an artist, wasn't flattered or impressed when I cut off my ear and sent it to her. Everyone's a critic!
  4. Chalene Johnson – Justice, Morality, and Constitutional Democracy. No offense to the others, but this is my favorite answer. Why? Because now I can't stop picturing Chalene, whose Turbo Jam® workouts are so punch- and kick-heavy, naming her left fist "Justice," her right fist "Morality," and her plant leg, upon which the whole dynamic system is based, "Constitutional Democracy." Hi-ya!