By Omar Shamout

While personal health and fitness are typically the reasons people come to Beachbody®, we're not blind to the fact that certain outside motivators are sometimes necessary to kick-start you into shape. Often times, the quest for love or companionship—or just plain old lust—is on your mind, and a P90X-shaped ego boost is needed to get you out the door and back into the dating scene. So now that you're physically and mentally ready to meet someone new, let's look at some activities that'll help you continue your newfound lifestyle while also putting you in a position to find a different kind of "exercise" partner.

The Gym Dilemma

The gym seems like a great place to meet active singles, but in truth, it's really not. First off, everyone's wearing headphones, and just think how annoyed you get when someone tries to talk to you while you have yours on. Not hot. Second, the cute guy or gal you have your eye on is either too focused on their workout, or it's left them too exhausted to carry on an interesting conversation. There are those rare moments when it's possible to make a connection, but your best bet is to look beyond the treadmill for that special someone.

Why not consider these ideas?
  1. Yoga. Yoga is an ancient Eastern tradition that rejuvenates both mind and body. Luckily, we live in a consumer-driven country that has capitalized on a niche practice and turned yoga into an easily accessible, trendy, mass-market activity. Yoga classes can be found everywhere. Now that you've been initiated into the practice by Tony Horton, continue to build your flexibility and show off your moves next to a very bendy member of the opposite sex, and who knows? Maybe true love will blossom out of a successful lotus position.
  2. Dancing. Yoga might be good for showing off your slo-mo moves, but if you need to release your energy in a more high-intensity environment, then take it to the club! Dancing is a great cardio workout, and since your weeks of training have increased your stamina, you can shake it all night long on the dance floor until you catch the eye of that special someone. Not into the crowded club scene? Then try joining a dance class at your gym or studio. If you don't feel like venturing beyond the comfort of your 24-Hour Fitness® or Bally's® to meet someone, then this is the best way to go. Salsa classes are also a great way to get up close and personal. Guys, don't worry if you have two left feet. If you show confidence, and are willing to laugh at yourself, women will think it's adorable. Ladies, if you're not quite Laker Girl material, don't worry, because guys won't really care. Plus they'll be more than willing to help you in a one-on-one tutorial!
  3. Aquatic sports. Water is the perfect place to show your new sculpted body! If you don't live on a tropical coast, find an indoor pool to get in some laps and tone all those muscles you learned about when Michael Phelps was winning his gold medals. When summer weather rolls 'round again, everyone will head to the beach, so that's the perfect time to grab some friends and have them invite other friends, and so on, and so on . . . Not much of a swimmer? No problem. Play some coed volleyball or basketball to show how much of a team player you can be.
  4. Hiking. No matter what type of terrain you live near, there's bound to be a way to explore it on a hike. Whether you're the adventurous type who's ready to scale a mountain or a more peaceful soul who craves a meditative walk through the forest, there are groups of people out there who would love to have you join them. Investigate the clubs in your area, then tag along on whatever hike interests you. You'll have hours to talk and get to know one another as you enjoy the scenery!
  5. Cooking class. Okay, technically this isn't exercise, but a class to learn healthy cooking techniques is the next best thing, and equally important to your fitness. Depending on your palate, there's a variety of cooking classes out there that focus on heart-healthy eating for every cuisine. Ladies, they say that food is the way to a man's heart, so why not show him how your cooking skills shine? And guys, do I really need to explain to you how much women will appreciate the kitchen moves you pick up at one of these classes? You'll have to fend them off with your, er . . . baster.
The most important thing to remember when trying to find a date through a shared interest is to always be yourself. Don't go to an activity you don't like just to meet someone, because if you do, then you're stuck! If you're not happy or comfortable with salsa dancing, your discomfort will come through loud and clear, and that's a huge turn-off for someone who finds that type of dancing muy caliente. It's OK if you've never danced or cooked or hiked or swum before, just be enthusiastic and willing to try new things. Keep at it, and that eagerness just might earn you a new friend . . . or more!