Demystifying RevAbs™

Monday, July 12, 2010 | 0 comments »

By Steve Edwards

Today, we sit down with RevAbs creator Brett Hoebel to discuss Beachbody's latest program. The name implies that it's an ab program, but it's much more than that. It's a full-body conditioning program. Sure, you'll get a six-pack, but the philosophy behind the program's creation goes a lot deeper than slimming down your midsection.

"The two most popular body parts clients want to work on are their abs and their booty," says Hoebel. "Over the years, I've worked hard at coming up with the best training techniques, including weight training, bodyweight training, martial arts, and interval training, to transform these traditionally problematic areas. I've trained a lot of models and actors that always had a movie, photo shoot, or event to get ready for in a short period of time. This led me to refine my training methodologies to be able to accomplish great results in less time, which was a huge help in creating a training system like reVam® and RevAbs."

ReVamp is Hoebel's time-tested personal training and nutrition program. It's what all of his private clients go through and what RevAbs is based on. As reVamp has evolved over the years, one of Hoebel's major influences has been Capoeira, a Brazilian art form that combines elements of martial arts, dance, and music.

"One of my passions is Capoeira," states Hoebel enthusiastically. "I first saw Capoeira in the '90s and started training seriously in it in 2005. Our school is A.B.A.D.A. Capoeira, and the headquarters is in Rio de Janeiro. I go there two or three times a year to train with the mestres (teachers) there. I think Capoeira is a very well-rounded form of fitness and is one of the greatest tools I've found to getting people cardio, core, strength, and stretch [exercises] all in one in a very fun environment. I also like the fact it's your own bodyweight, and [you] can do it anywhere, anytime. Besides the physicality of Capoeira, there is also the martial art, the Portuguese language, the African and Brazilian heritage it has with slavery, the different instruments you learn to play, the Portuguese songs you learn to sing, and much more. I've been integrating Capoeira with traditional forms of fitness since the '90s."

Thus RevAbs is more than just your regular workout. Hoebel's background is extensive, and he's certainly one of Beachbody's most credentialed trainers. "I was a premed in college and have always been a competitive athlete and martial artist," he adds. "This science/athlete/martial arts background gave me the right tools to study and create the training techniques of reVamp. I've also been fortunate to study under some very knowledgeable and talented fitness professionals [and organizations], including Paul Chek and the Chek Institute, Charles Poliquin, Terry Kerrigan, Metabolic Typing Institute, NASM, and the NSCA. Over the years, I have consistently evolved the methodology and concepts behind reVamp, based on new research and training techniques that worked with clients and myself (I always use myself as a test subject)."

Beachbody has allowed Hoebel to seek an entirely new audience. Instead of working with clients one on one, he's had to develop a program that works for everyone. "Developing RevAbs transformed my life as well," he says. "Working with the test group helped me really understand, appreciate, and respect being a role model and made me strive even harder to perfect the program. Morphing reVamp into a more ab-focused program, RevAbs, pushed my creative side and knowledge I had to bring to the table."

Ultimately, however, what inspired RevAbs is doing what you love. "I really enjoy and am passionate about being a fitness professional," Hoebel says, "and helping others reach their goals."