By Team Beachbody

"What to do if you miss some days? There have been a lot of message board posts recently by people beating themselves up for missing a workout day or two, and then wondering if they should "start over" from day one or quit.

I can't be more serious when I say (no, when I plead), "DON'T QUIT!" If you feel like quitting, think back to why you started the program in the first place - and tap into that same motivation to stay with the program, no matter how far "off the wagon" you might have fallen.

While the preference is to complete the program in succession, life is just not that predictable. Stuff happens, and you need to give yourself the room to "live" at the same time you are working on any in-home boot camp. When Jon and I were first developing Power 90® with Tony, we missed a few days (because, for instance, my wife had a baby). And even the launch of Slim in 6®™ hit a snag with the events of September 11th. But rather than start everything over, we stayed true to the core concept and simply added a day to the end for any day we missed - and so can you. The key for us was we never lost faith that consistency was still going to have a dramatic body-changing effect. (And it did!)
So, if you miss a day or a week or even two in a row for some reason, you might consider starting over, or extending the program for some time to make it up. The most important thing of all is; Don't give up. Keep going. Don't let yourself down!

And while there are deadlines built into these programs, the real benefits go much farther than the kind of shape you can get into in 6 or 12 weeks. You are adding to the quality of your life. You are teaching your kids, your friends, your co-workers that being fit is not optional - it's a necessity! And not only will you live longer, you will enjoy those extra years more because you will remain active longer.

The benefits go on and on - and the only way to get them is to stay with it - to NOT GIVE UP. That is the one and only secret to getting results. So if you miss a day... congratulations - you proved you're human. The key to making these programs work is to make sure that as soon as possible, you take the initiative to push "play", and "poof", you're back on track and the results will keep coming.