By Team Beachbody

Hit a plateau?

Target each muscle group for a day at the same time you lose fat with the new "Power Shaping" technique!

If you want to focus your muscle toning effort on your abs, your thighs, or your upper body, and burn fat at the same time, there's a new training technique to try called "Power Shaping".

Power Shaping is a unique training strategy that combines some bodybuilding techniques with body sculpting/fat burning techniques to create a one-step, super time efficient program.

A Power Shaping workout targets a certain muscle group with the aim of toning muscle while burning fat. It differs from regular routines in that your heart rate increases to a fat-burning target zone and remains there for the duration of the workout - at the same time you are toning a specific targeted area. From day to day you can cycle each muscle group, just the same as any traditional program, yet each day you also add a fat-burning cardiovascular session to your workout as well.

For example, standard ab routines work the underlying muscle group to help you achieve the famous "six-pack" look, but they usually do little to burn off the fatty layer covering the abdominal region. A Power Shaping ab routine combines those exercises with at least 20 minutes of aerobic moves (which also target the ab region) to burn off stored fat, so you can see those well defined abs you worked so hard for. That way you accomplish two things at once - more progress, less time.

If you want to focus your efforts on your thighs, a Power Shaping thigh routine again, calls for at least 20 minutes of aerobic activity to burn off fat while you tone/tighten the leg muscles with targeted resistance training. This creates a leaner, more toned look - and again, it's faster than working the muscles separately and then exercising to burn fat.

Achieving bodybuilder type results with Power Shaping is not likely, because keeping your heart rate elevated can affect the intensity potential for each individual resistance set. However, the cardiovascular benefits of each session will be just as good as any other cardio workout. That's why this new Power Shaping technique can be one of the most time efficient workouts available for anyone looking for a combination of muscle growth and fat loss.