By Team Beachbody

A Family Fitness Affair

I am not a "fitness enthusiast", but I know it's imperative in order to maintain my quality of life. That is probably part of's success, because the programs we create have to work for people like me who aren't in love with working out, but are in love with what they get from it.

I'm noticing though, that a predisposition to exercise might be something you can learn, which is noteworthy in the age of alarming child obesity statistics.

I got the idea when I heard that, as an infant, Tiger Woods used to watch his father swing a golf club for hours at a time. Golf became second nature to him! So after I heard that, I started popping in Power 90® with my two year old, Ava, in the room and sure enough she started doing the workout along with me (and no, she can not swing her leg through to runner's pose.) Of course I don't expect her to go four rounds of circuit with me, but she does see that fitness requires work and commitment for me. I'm betting that the time we spend together will make the choice to exercise a regular part of her day rather than the "necessary evil" it has become for many of us late starters.

A great example of the benefits of making fitness a family affair are our newest winners, Robert "Captain Bob" Mast and his three kids, Robby, age 13; Tanya, age 17; and Christina, age 10. Not only are they all more fit from working out regularly, but also they had the benefit of family support when the going got rough. Likewise, fitness became something they could share as a family and actually helped them have a common bond. How many families do you know that share more than the primetime TV schedule? It's an awesome example of creating meaningful family time, and they are an inspiration because it took a lot to achieve their results.

Clearly, there are enough good reasons to exercise regularly to justify the effort. But for me, a session or so doing "fast feet" and "hook upper cut" with my daughter is the one that gets me off the couch.