By Amy Ludwig

That question got Jeremy Y.'s attention. At 33, he weighed 370 pounds. His weight affected his ability to be a good father and husband. He had no energy for his two active young sons, his wife, or anything else. Most nights, he'd do nothing at home after work but watch TV. Making things worse, he had severe ankle arthritis, walked with a limp, and took daily medication for high blood pressure.

Jeremy had let himself go, nearly all the way to death's door.

Fortunately, a good friend of his cared enough to speak up. He'd already had another friend die very young due to obesity. He worried that Jeremy would be next.

After talking with his friend, Jeremy realized that he wouldn't be the only person affected by his excessive weight if he died. How would his family manage? He made two lists, "Why Get Healthy" and "Why Not Get Healthy," and listed the reasons on each. It was clear he couldn't let his family down.

Then came the question: What to do? Jeremy had several friends doing P90X®. Not only were they getting fit, but their eyes lit up every time they talked about doing the program. Jeremy decided to try it. A former high school athlete, he soon fell in love with P90X's mix of cardio, strength, and flexibility. Its intensity fulfilled his desire for accomplishment—and then some.

Not that Jeremy was able to do all the exercises right away. He had painful arthritis from an old ankle injury. So he went to the discussion boards, where he found out how others modified the exercises to accommodate their injuries. He learned Tony's philosophy: "Do your best and forget the rest."

P90X got Jeremy burning calories and raising his heart rate, which helped him to drop weight. The variety within the program helped him avoid repetitive stress injuries. Over time, losing weight took pressure off his ankle. Now he's pain-free, no longer limps, and can do most exercises without modifying them.

"I truly feel like a new man," Jeremy says today. "My energy is through the roof." He's lost a whopping 161 pounds.

He's active with his sons, going swimming, fishing, and to the park. His change has affected many people around him, inspiring them to exercise and eat healthily, too. Beyond all the compliments he now receives about his appearance, Jeremy is gratified to be an inspiration to others and see their healthy success.